elephant seals are the only winners of the U.S. government lockout.

A beach in northern California was invaded by strange creatures. They stumbled awkwardly, with long, slender noses hanging high. About 60 of them loitered on the beach of Cape Les National Coast near San Francisco, their mini MES. They are not ordinary animals, but like seals.

These 4,400-pound male marine mammals have been cold on this public beach because no one is sure because Park Rangers have not seen them. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Park guerrillas found 35 newborn babies after classes were closed on Sunday. The Park reopened after the government shutdown, a record 35 days.

Usually elephant seals take refuge on independent beaches on 100-foot cliffs. However, high tide and stormy weather may attract them to this new open beach nearby. They stepped on a fence and called it home. All the employees in the park are unemployed, and no one can stop the hangover.

Now, it will be difficult for park workers to remove these gentle giants. So they are not. They blocked roads to protect the less small seal families. In the 19th century, elephant seals were thought to have been extinct from commercial hunting. They are now protected like all marine mammals, but are threatened by fishing gear and shipping traffic.

Park managers are considering providing guides so that the public can witness these extraordinary animals. That sounds much easier than getting the SEALs to move. Thank you. The government has closed its doors. It’s a pleasure.

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