There are only eight days in a year, the craziest city in the world. Tourists are only driven by hormones.

Burning Man Festival

Every city in the world has its own history, and some cities can exist for thousands of years. But there are also short cities in the world. One city can only exist for eight days a year. After eight days, it will be burned down by the residents. Do you know which city it is?

The city is located in the Nevada Desert of Blackstone, Nevada, USA. There are special reasons for its appearance. At the end of August every year, tourists from all over the world gather in this desert to take part in Fireman’s Day. All the people who want to come here need to bring their own food and other supplies, because the local government will only provide water and communication equipment for the temporary city.

Tourists need to stay here for a few days. If they don’t have enough food, they will suffer from hunger. In addition, because it is a temporary city, many facilities are imperfect, and all daily necessities need to be self-contained. It can be said that this is the most humble city in the world.

On Fireman’s Day, each participant will show his unique talent in order to win applause and applause from the audience. Everyone will wear fantastic clothes, hardly any different. A wooden statue of a man over a dozen meters tall was set ablaze, and people would sing and dance around it to share their joy.

In this city, there is no regulation. Tourists are only driven by hormones. You can do whatever you want. The atmosphere is very open. Many singles find suitable partners through this activity. When eight days are over, the city will be lit, leaving only a dusty empty city.

With the passage of time, the city’s influence has been growing. More and more people have begun to participate in this activity, which has attracted nearly 100,000 people from 13 countries to come here crazily. Do you think such a city is interesting? Is it necessary to exist? Welcome to share your message